Debert Baptist Church

Our Place

This classic, village church was founded in 1851 and its building holds the country charm, as it should, at the centre of the community.

A member of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and affiliated with Canadian Baptist Ministries, Debert offers a great blend of tradition and modern facilities. Services are up-tempo with messages that resonate in today's society, while holding true to Biblical teaching and Baptist theology. It is a Christ centred church.

Gifted leaders serve in multiple ministries, both within and outside the church. Children's services are delivered with respect and loving guidance.

Outreach programs are offered to meet both evangelical and service purposes. The church is committed to meeting the needs of the community in public and private services.

Bill Martin may be pastor of the church, but all the members are ministers in Christ's Great Commission.



9:45 am - Sunday Cafe for adult discussion

10:45 am - Worship Service

7:00 pm - Our Place, contemporary worship service


7:00 pm - WOW (Worship on Wednesday) devotional and prayer

Our Goal

We hope to reach people where they are and make them feel most comfortable in our church. Ultimately, we seek to restore the church as the centre of our community, in effect, becoming "The Village Church".