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Our Goal

The message of the Bible is all about God's love and our message is that God's love is the Simple Truth.

The Bible is our owner's manual, given to us by God, that we might follow His instructions for life. Perhaps the most complete manual ever written, it covers the whole world and the fullness of time, telling the story of where we began, our purpose in this world, the guidelines for living and a clear description of where we are going.

The story is simple and the story is true. Over the years mankind has inserted its views and confused God's simple truth. If you read the Bible for what it says, without trying to read meaning into it, the simple message becomes clear to those who believe in God and seek His truth and wisdom.

Without true faith in God, His manual is meaningless, just a bunch of words without relevance. However, for those who have faith, the truth is revealed. Like the many layers of an onion, reading and re-reading peels back the layers to His wisdom.

God's Word is simple truth. Let us help you to open this path to understanding and it will change your life, forever!