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Winning the Primary Case of the Reality Serial publication of Poker game is a life-changing event, merely as 2017 wizard Scott Blumstein proved, the unrivaled acting at the concluding defer doesn't get to be the entirely unmatchable that benefits from the deluxe dirty money.

As an ESPN report card notes, a few of Blumstein's friends that helped post his $10,000 entrance tip into the tourney are straight off too immense beneficiaries of his winner.

Just a few weeks before the originate of the tournament, piece Blumstein was unruffled an comparatively nameless salamander player, detrition off for hours at ceme online hands, he posted a tweet inviting friends and followers to in reply his bid in the tourney.

Selling to the wsop main event. If anyone wants a musical composition of the victor microscope slide right hand on in. #primmedmind #simchanger #teamelite

— Dred Scott Blumstein (@SBlum2711) June 21, 2017

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